Hi everybody
Mr. Moretto here. Proud to introduce you to one of the world’s most beautiful cities: Florence, the birthplace of Renaissance Art, with countless masterpieces on view in its streets and museums, Uffizzi and Accademia to name but two. Surrounded by the green hills of Tuscany, the city is elegant and sophisticated, quiet but with a vibrant night-life. It is quite small and you can get to know it well in a short time: a perfect weekend break for lovers of all things Italian. Strolling from Piazza della Signoria to Palazzo Pitti via Ponte Vecchio in the footsteps of Dante, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo will be easy and pleasurable given that the city centre is pedestrianised and closed to traffic (a rare thing in Italy). As a symbol of my beloved hometown I have chosen the Brunelleschi Dome, where art and science find perfect equilibrium.