New rooms

After having wonderful Easter holidays, we encountered a huge surprise – our rooms were completely changed in the course of 2 weeks and only a few people could recognise their old rooms – they have become much comfier and they have acquired much more storage space, so there will be much less mess in them. It is a shame, however, that some people did not get any new furniture, their room will be a kitchen next year!

A huge thank you to Mr Usher for giving us the new look of the rooms, we love them!


What an evening it has been for Champs des Bois!

Tonight was the annual boarding house talent show and this marking period’s awards ceremony.

Firstly to the awards:

Aslan received the “boarding life” award in recognition of the fact that he is always tidy, polite, punctual, helpful and respectful (except for refusing my high 5 after he was presented with the award!). Congratulations Aslan – very well deserved!

Akhmad was presented with the “activities award”. He is always keen to get up to the sports dome each evening and willing to take part in any activity which we do. He has also become much more involved with the social side of the house recently. Well done Akhmad, long may it continue!

For the second marking period in a row, Vladimir was recognised for having the highest GPA in the house. Congratulations Vladimir, I know it has taken a lot of hard work to get this far and I am delighted to see that you are willing to do still more to keep on improving.

There was a new category this marking period for the most improved student. I am thrilled to announce that the prize for the whole of the high school section is back in Champs des Bois this evening. Congratulations Alibek – an improvement of 300%! That was actually the biggest improvement in the whole of boarding – we are all proud of you and looking forward to seeing your GPA soar to even greater heights next marking period!

I must say that while these four were awarded this evening, each and every one of the boys has impressed me greatly this marking period. They all deserve thorough congratulations!

Here are our winners with their medals:

However, the good news doesn’t end there. Every house either does a live performance or showcases a video for the talent show section of the evening. Our boys have been working hard on a spoof video about life in Champs des Bois. So hard in fact that it was judged to be the winning performance of the evening!!!

Well, we actually shared the podium with Ferrari boarding house but the boys were very pleased to be judged to have been as good as them. The Ferrari performance was a very creative dance routine. The stage was in total darkness and the girls were dressed entirely in black with glow-sticks attached to them. The result was a terrific display of dancing stick figures with flashing teeth; it was great to watch!

Of course the boys were perfect gentlemen and insisted the ladies took the trophy home first but I am sure we will put a picture up when they eventually get their hands on it!

In the mean time, here is the winning video – enjoy!


We had a great time bowling this afternoon!
I won the first game. We also had fun in the arcade, and we ate some tasty food. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon. Guess who is the in the bottom picture ?



No school today!

Today we didn’t have school because our teachers were meeting with tutors and parents. We went to the botanical gardens and Geneva center. The weather was nice. Mr Robertson enjoyed seeing the spring time flowers in the gardens. I think the rest of us preferred going to Geneva!

Here we are in the botanical gardens:


One of the rules that has changed recently is that we can order pizza during the week. Here we are enjoying pizza night in Champ des Bois.

Another awesome change in Champ des Bois is that the beds and furniture are going to be changed after the Easter holidays. We can’t wait to see it! We will put pictures on the blog to show you too.


Paper planes

Today was a really nice day because the weather started getting warmer and nicer, so we decided to have some fun on our free time and make a paper plane competition. We threw them from my room because it is the best room in the boarding house (to throw paper planes from the window) And I actually won the competition!!!!!!!!!!!. I really enjoyed it and I hope we will do this kind of activities more often.