Liam’s Charity Project

Here is a fine example of pure kindness and a helpful soul. Earlier this week Liam noticed our apple tree in the Champs des Bois garden, he came to us asking if it was possible to sell these apples and raise some money for charity. He proceeded to ask the Boarding Office for permission to do so, who agreed and actually became his first customers. After only a few days Liam has managed to raise over 20 CHF!

He has also noticed we have a plum tree ripe for picking and the figs will be coming soon.

Well done Liam! Your a superhero!

First Day of School!

All ready for the start of another great year of school. Let’s go and find all our friends and make some new ones! The children can’t wait to hear all about their friends summer and tell them all about theirs!

Happy Summer Holidays!

Wow! What an amazing year we have had here in Champs des Bois. A whole lot of laughs, hard work and great friends to help us through it all.

We can’t wait to start the next year with some new adventurers and hear all about how the children’s wonderful long summer break!

Last Day of School!

With today being the last day of school, it was quite an emotional one for the boys. The word “Goodbye” has a sense of finality to it.

So we are lucky that CDL is a bilingual school, and we also use “Au Revoir” – until we see each other again – perhaps a more optimistic sentiment.

The world can be quite a small place sometimes, and the boys are looking forward to seeing their friends again in the near future. For now, on to the next adventure!