Sunday mood

After a long week full of study and hard work we enjoy the little pleasures of Sunday afternoon. Playing outside with friends, chess or watching cartoons.

Mrs Elisabeth made a delicious Nutella Cake for snack that we shared all together.

Queen’s Gambit

Liam, Louis, Nicholas & Eason practised chess after brunch and played against each other. it’s a game take a big part in our Boarding House.

Also, our boys enjoy to mesure themself to older students


Trip to Chamonix

On Sunday, the boys got to enjoy a fun outing to Chamonix. We took the scenic train all the way up the mountain and then ventured back down into the ice caves. The children found it very interesting to learn about the impact of climate change has had on the glacier.

Finding Nemo

Today we visited the big Aquarium in Lausanne.
Our students saw magnificent fishes and aquatic creatures. Also, we discovered that a huge Spinosaurus was hiding under the stairs. A great time of knowledge and fun.



Basketball tournament

Today Louis, Matvei, and Firdavs had the honor to represent the colors of CDL at an inter-school Basketball Tournament.

Team-Spirit, Energy, and Fun were the keywords of this day.
After a few intense matches,  Louis’ team finished 2nd.

The other Champs des Bois students came to see the match and encourage their friends.

Kebab party

Tonight we were lucky to have dinner in the boarding house, and on top of that, we had the chance to eat delicious Kebabs sandwiches.

For dessert, we had Burberry pies (that gave our kids this wonderful Blue smile)

Weekend In Crans-Montana

We have come to the end of what has been an awesome long weekend in the mountains. Thank you to all the children for being polite, on-time and super enthusiastic in all of their activities! We were lucky enough to be able to stay an extra day and really make the most of our time in such a magical place. Friendship have become stronger, and we are glad to hear how much fun the children have had and how grateful they are for this wonderful experience!