Boarding Middle School Running Team!

This is the Junior Team that will represent CDL at the next ESCALADE race. L’Escalade commemorates the successful defense of the city against invasion in 1602 when the people of Geneva rallied to repel theimage Duke of Savoy and his mercenary horde. The festivities kick off on Sunday with a 5 mile race through the Old Town (see for details) and culminate the following weekend with a torchlight procession of over 1000 marchers dressed in period costumes through the city to the steps of Saint Peter’s Cathedral. The week between features exhibitions, concerts and shows celebrating different aspect of Geneva’s most triumphant victory.


dima georgeSaturday, Coach Pierre took the JV Boys, who will be representing CDL at the Meritas Games, to the LLSL Tournament hosted by LGB. They had an amazing morning. We were all fed with superb soccer. Here are a few words from Coach Pierre:

 Meritas Boys Soccer Team 1“Looking good for a coach when his team is playing great football is cool, but enjoying the great football that they play is better.

The Meritas Games boys’ football team performed at a really high level on Saturday to make it to lift the trophy: 6 games, 6 wins, 17 goals for, 1 goal conceded AND a big Texan burger to end the morning : )”

 These boys closed a great week for the Panthers who came home with two first place cups that they worked hard to win!