Black and White Dinner!

Last night we were afforded the opportunity to “suit up” and attend a black and white dinner just before the Holidays. It added a little extra something to the normal midweek dinner and was fantastic.  Thanks Diego!

IMG_7199 IMG_7198 IMG_7200 IMG_7194 IMG_7195 IMG_7197



This weekend has again been an eventful one in Concha, but the highlight of the weekend being todays Masterchef Competition.

We decided to make Sizzling Moroccan Prawns served on a bed of couscous and seasonal veg. And for desert we had a chocolate fondant cake. It looked amazing and the smells coming from the Kitchen in Concha were Unreal! Well done boys!


IMG_7174 IMG_7167 IMG_7160 IMG_7162 IMG_7169 IMG_7163 IMG_7155 IMG_7171 IMG_7164 IMG_7165 IMG_7158 IMG_7159 IMG_7166 IMG_7173 IMG_7172 IMG_7156