Welcome to Concha 2018/2019

Dear Parents and Agents,

Welcome to the 2018/19 school year at Collège Du Léman. We hope you had a wonderful summer and that the boys are now ready and fit for a great year.

The team working in Concha this year comprises of two House Parents; Matthew Svenningsen and James Griffiths. In addition to this, we have Erik Roman Miralles as our Resident House Tutor. Salvatore Politano, will be overseeing both the Middle School Houses, bringing his experience and additional guidance to the team.  We are all looking forward to getting to know your son and are excited for the new year.

We will strive to give our students the best possible conditions for their personal and academic achievement here at Collège Du Léman. We have high expectations and will require the boys to give both academic and extracurricular activities their best effort.

We naturally count on your support and for that matter, we will be regularly in touch with you for information sharing, advice and help. Please take note of the following guidelines that we offer in Concha Blanca, especially in the upcoming days as you and your son prepare to travel to Switzerland for the New School Year:

  • Credit Cards are not permitted for Middle School Boarders. Students have access to weekly pocket money from our School accounting office which is more than enough for the week.
  • Students are not permitted to have large amounts of cash on them in the Boarding House. Any large sums of money found will be deposited into the Students account for withdrawal via the weekly pocket money guidelines.
  • Students are provided with adequate closet and storage space in the living quarters, however, in the past, we have had issues with students bringing an unnecessary amount of clothes and shoes to School. Please bear this in mind whilst packing with your son for his arrival this weekend.
  • Each student will be provided with a lockable safe in their private bedrooms, and it cannot be stressed enough that these need to be used for High-Value items, such as watches and family heirlooms. Although it is preferred that such items are left at home for their safekeeping.
  • Hot meals are provided for students three times a day, and there is an in-house Tuck Shop available for them. Of Course, students are allowed to bring snacks from home, but we ask that it is a reasonable amount and that it is to be stored in the House Kitchen and not bedrooms as to avoid a pest problem.

Please feel free to contact any member of the team whenever you have an issue or question. Communication between parents and staff is paramount and we count on your support for this purpose. Other than personal communication between us, you can also get to know what’s going on in Concha via our blog (https://blogs.cdl.ch/concha) where the boys will be posting something regularly.

As I mentioned before we expect an excellent level of behaviour from our students: we consider hard-work and discipline key features for their success. We count on finding motivated and committed young men. Punctuality, honesty and respect are essential at all times.

We have a great selection of activities prepared for the students throughout the year. Many of the activities are compulsory for the Junior students, this allows them to try new things, explore all that Switzerland has to offer and most importantly enjoy themselves with their friends. For this reason, we expect the students to spend the majority of the weekends at School. We have an Exeat procedure should a student need to leave for the weekend and we advise that students Exeat at most twice per month

Finally, we would like to invite you to look at our school calendar (available on www.cdl.ch) and start planning your son’s holiday arrangements. Please bear in mind that we expect our students to leave for the breaks only after the end of the lessons. Likewise, they should return before the beginning of academic activities.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Thank you and with our best regards,

Matthew Svenningsen, James Griffiths, Erik Roman Miralles