ConchAttack (3-2) The Gods – Match Report

“Which ever team scores more goals, usually wins!” (Former Liverpool and Real Madrid striker, Michael Owen)

This evening, ConchAttack FC had their first game of the CDL Football Championships against a very strong and experienced The Gods. There was a lot of dialog and banter between the two teams prior to the match, with a number of the opposition side residing in Concha’s neighbouring house, Concha Annexe.

First Half

The first half started with a high level of intensity and a very fast tempo. The Gods immediately tried to inflict their size and strength onto the ConchAttack players, however the Grade 7 and 8 students from Concha more than held their own, with Maxim and Sina performing to an incredible level at the back, defending every loose ball and passing out well from defence. ConchAttack then started to gain more of the possession, with Seb, Masanobu and Anuar dominating the play from midfield. It was in fact Seb that managed to break the deadlock, after pouncing on a blocked shot by Maxim, and finishing in style (1-0). Maxim and Sina continued to defend to the highest standard throughout the first half, which then built excellent opportunities for the side to counter-attack the opposition, and create chances for the attacking players to score. And it was one of Maxim’s excellent interceptions that led to Masanobu scoring the second goal of the game, delivering an unsavable, power shot past the goalkeeper (2-0).

“To stay in the game, you have to stay in the game!” (Former Newcastle United and Stoke City striker, Michael Owen)

Second Half

At the start of the second half, The Gods had clearly received a rallying cry from their coach, and Concha Annexe House Parent, Mr Rob. The boys came flying out of the blocks, and attacked from the off. Mauricio impressed in goal for ConchAttack, making a number of smart saves and calmly distributing the ball to Maxim in defense. The Gods’ striker Chams however, managed to pull a goal back, after some neat and skillful play down the right hand side from Adam, who was impressive throughout the match (2-1).  The game them plateaued for five minutes, as both sides adopted a cautious approach to their play. ConchAttack then introduced their eager substitues, with Kristian, Zihao and Leonardo entering the field. The boys did not disappoint. Zihao brought a hunger into the defence, clearing every loose pass and untidy first touch in front of him. Leonardo chased down every long pass in attack, and made it very difficult for the opposition defence. However, it was the “Albanian Ronaldo” who put the game to bed, with Kristiano scoring the most sublime solo goal, beating the right back on the turn, before rounding the central defender and finishing in the bottom right hand corner, with what Mr Matt described as a “power toe poke” (3-1). There was a tense end to the match, as a misguided clearance from Anuar’s curly hair found it’s way into his own net (3-2). However the job was done, as the ConchAttack boys held on to win an impressive opening match at the start of the season. WELL DONE BOYS!!!

Goal Scorers – Seb, Masanobu, Kristian

Man of the Match – Maxim

Squad – Mauricio, Maxim (C), Sina, Anuar, Seb, Masanobu, Leonardo, Zihao, Kristian, Mr Erik, Mr James

Coaching Staff – Matt (Sven-Goran Eriksson) Svenningsen, Junqi, Henry, Hamza

Golf Activity

Today, we had a large group of students take golf lessons at Golf de le Vieille Batie, which is a short car journey from CDL.

Kristian, Henry, Junqi and Masanobu were excellent throughout.