Letter to Parents

Good afternoon,

I hope you are well are you have had a lovely week. I just wanted to drop you an email to catch up and send out some reminders regarding returning to school this weekend.We had a productive and enjoyable start to the year, and naturally there are areas where we wish to improve, and we also hope that the students will improve. In Boarding, there are a few important rules and guidelines that we feel are essential and we would like to remind the boys ourselves, and have a similar message coming from home.

Credit Cards

Middle School students are not allowed to have credit cards. The receive adequate amounts from the Pocket Money Office and if they need more that can be requested by email. If your son has a credit card then they must hand it in and we will give the card back to you when we next see you. (This includes deleting payment methods off Apple Pay on electronic devices)

Pocket Money

Any extra pocket money that the students arrive to school with will need to be checked by House Staff. We are trying to limit the amount of spending that the students are doing to educate them about the value of money.

Electronic Devices

Students in Grade 6 should not have laptops or computers. They are allowed the use of a mobile phone in the evenings, and at the weekends. They also receive a school iPad for their academic work. Students in Grade 7 may use a laptop at the weekends for one hour per day only. Students in Grade 8 will be allowed more time on their devices based on behaviour and reward.

Students should not take their personal electronic devices to school during the day. The only students who will have this privilege are those in Grade 8 who received excellent Traffic Lights, have behaved very well in the Boarding House and have no concerns regarding their Wellbeing Being. (We will send a separate email to Grade 8 parents regarding this)

We are always monitoring the students use of games on electronic devices. We would also like to have this continued support from home. We really appreciate all the help in this area so far this year. Students should only play age appropriate games during their free time when given permission from staff. ‘Fortnite’ is a very popular game which has an age rating of 12 years old and older. However, because of it’s violent theme, we advice the students not to play this game, and it is not allowed on the Concha Consoles or on school devices. (Students should not have any games on their school iPad)

Branded Clothing

As I mentioned before, we are trying to encourage the students to understand the value of money and that life does not evolve around money and expensive possessions. We are a school and therefore we are continuously trying to encourage our students to be presentable and not always to wear very expensive clothing which can attract unwanted attention. If you could please pass this message onto your son when you next speak, it would really help us to keep consistency between home and the Boarding House. We will continue to keep in regular contact via email and WhatsApp with news and photos. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us in Concha.

Kindest regards,

James Griffiths
Senior House Parent, Concha Blanca


Dear Parents and Students,

The Boarding House is now open and we are ready to welcome back the boys and have another great half term.

Please remember to pack appropriately. The weather will quickly turn colder over the next few weeks and we must all be prepared for the drop in temperature and weather conditions.

See you soon,

Mr James, Mr Erik, Mr Jaime and Mr Sergio


Conchattack 7 – 1 Léman

Last Thursday Conchattack got a new victory after beating the seniors boys. Despite missing some important players the Concha boys gave their best to win 3 more points and keep being at the top of the standing.




Goals:  Conchattack –> Maxim x3, Mr Erik x3, Mr Sergio x1

Léman –> Masanobu x1