Yesterday Sasha, Louis, Owen, Rik and Mr. Jaime went to Kempinski to take the typical photo with the Christmas tree. Then they enjoyed a nice dinner at Hamburger Foundation!

We will share the official  photo at Kempinski soon ! But you can see how elegant they were !


Europa Park and Freiburg

This weekend our boys had an amazing time in one the best Theme Parks in Europe: Europa Park ! They enjoyed a lot the different roller-coasters and spectacles. Besides we were very lucky as the Xmas decoration in the whole park was really beautiful.

Then on Sunday we visited the city of Freiburg and his Christmas Market where the boys could buy many different gifts and also taste the typical German food.


Well-Being (Charities)

This week during our Well-Being Session, we decided to concentrate on the importance to charity, caring for others and using our time and resources to help others who are less fortune than ourselves.

This year, like in previous years, the Boarding Team have organised a Christmas Action Project to give gifts to Foster Homes where the children may not receive personalised presents. In Concha, the students have bought 11 presents for this project, which is really a beautiful thing.

During our meeting whilst discussing the topic, we wrapped the presents, wrote each child a personalised Christmas Card and prepared them all for collection.

Thank you to all the boys who contributed.