After a long and extraordinary term, we are extremely pleased that all of our boys have departed safely and are on their way to see their beloved families!

Thank you for everything this term, have a great holiday, and we are looking forward to seeing you in 2021!

Mr. James, Mr. Rob, and Mr. Jaime xxx

Newsletter – Winter 2020 (PDF)

House outing to the Forest and the Lake

We are very fortunate here in Versoix to have such beautiful scenery and nature right on our doorstep. This afternoon, we took full advantage of our wonderful environment. We went for a long walk through the woods before ending up at the lake to enjoy the views and relax peacefully with the atmosphere. The boys all said how much they enjoyed it and how nice it was to be out in the incredible environment.

Weekend activities

We have had another fantastic weekend here in Concha, packed with amazing activities. Together our boys have gone horse-riding, woodcraft and chess club. They have also played tennis, badminton, table tennis and they have joined the running club. Here are some photos from all the wonderful activities.

Winter Dinner

This evening, we had our end of term ‘Winter Dinner’. It was lovely to see all our boys dressed so smartly and having so much fun! We had an absolutely amazing evening with extremely delicious food. It was a perfect way to end a long term. The boys have been working hard this year and they have fully deserved a wonderful end of term treat like this evening.

Marking Period 1 Awards – Congratulations boys

Boarding Life Award

Congratulations to Loris for winning the Boarding Life award for Marking Period 1. This award is awarded to the student who fully embraces life in the Boarding House. Loris has really made Concha is home. Loris is doing well in school and shows great commitment to his extracurricular and weekend activities. He sets a perfect example to the other students in the House. Loris also won the Boarding Academic Award for his Grade. Out of all the Boarders in his Grade, Loris is currently achieving the best scores overall. Well done Loris.

Activities Award

Congratulations to Owen for winning the Activities award for Marking Period 1. Owen has participated in the most amount of activities out of all of our students. He is always excited and enthusiastic to participate in a range of fun activities, after school and at the weekends. He always has a great attitude when taking part in his activities and most importantly, he has fun! He is never afraid to try something new. Well done Owen

For those boys who have not won an award this time, we encourage them to keep trying, keep working hard and they will soon see the benefits from their hard work and positive attitude. Well done everyone!

Escalade – Geneva tradition

In 1602, France attacked the then independent Geneva and they planned on capturing them. Since Geneva was so small, their military wasn’t as good as the french army so the people had to do it on their own. One night a woman was making sure that the french didn’t take her apartment. She threw everything against them and soon ran out of stuff to throw. In the end she threw boiling soup out of her window and the french army ran off and that’s the story of the escalade

This morning we explained the meaning and the historical significance of the esacalde to the rest of our Boarding House, and we smashed the chocolate marmite. In tradition, the oldest and the youngest person in the room get to break the marmite.

by Loris Baya (Grade 7)

Individual project – Cultural backgrounds

Thank you Anastasia for giving us her fantastic individual project from the second pillar of wellbeing – ‘promoting diversity’. Anastasia has made an amazing poster, detailing the nationalities and cultural backgrounds of the boys in our House, which we will proudly display on the wall of our Boarding House.

Weekend Update 2/2 – Sunday

Hello again !

We had a very quiet day in Concha today. We were mainly at home, making xmas biscuits, playing in the garden and relaxing. Full of energy for the penultimate week of school before the Christmas holidays.

We had a visit from the children of Champs de Bois and some girls from Old Portena and had a great time together.

We are looking forward to next weekend to see what CdL is preparing for our boys and girls… we can say in advance that we will have the traditional Winter Dinner on Saturday, where we will wear our best clothes and enjoy a wonderful dinner with all the members of the community.

We wish you a wonderful week !