Wellbeing Pillar 5 – Making safe and responsible choices

With the opening of the final term of this year we enter as well in our final Wellbeing Pillar.

This Pillar has the peculiarity of embodying all the teachings and lessons from the previous ones and reaches out for something that is and will always in our lives.

Making responsible choices is certainly one of the most challenging things in one’s life and it is not always an easy task.

Students are faced with the overwhelming responsibility of making choices which may affect forever (or for a long time) their lives… and often a lot of pondering, maturing and reflection is needed. Then these choices may prove to be right or wrong and it is our job as individuals to be ready to face it, take on the consequences and eventually learn from these situations. Let’s face it… sometimes what seemed to be the best choice, happens not to be. It’s life.

These will be the key take-away points for this Pillar:
• The ESSENCE of teen brain and the science behind decision making process
• Consequences
• Self-discipline

Students will be given only two choices for their Individual Projects. They will have to
join either:
• The discipline revolution project, or
• The happiness project

More information will follow.

Weekend activities

The Concha boys have enjoyed so many amazing activities this weekend including; woodcraft, tennis, badminton, table tennis, cooking, biking and horse riding. We also has special activities such as laser tag and the treasure hunt organised for the students. The boys had a fun weekend and some of them even got the opportunity to visit Geneva.


Boarding Assembly 📺

This evening, we held the virtual monthly boarding assembly in Concha for the boys!

A wonderful welcome back to school, with an introduction to the final pillar of our Well-being Program. That topic being “Making Safe and Responsible Choices”.