Wellbeing – Pillar 1 – Nurturing Healthy Bodies and Minds

Welcome to the first pillar of our Wellbeing Programme – Nurturing Healthy Bodies and Minds.
If we don’t look after ourselves in healthy ways, other areas of our lives can be negatively impacted. Our aim with the wellbeing programme, is to introduce a balance to our lives, to help us to reach our full potential and most of all are happy and healthy. This pillar we can split into two parts:
Healthy Mind
This is how we relax, switch off, de-stress, and deal with the pressures of school and everyday life. I would like to encourage our students to use their free time positively and use something they are interested in as a form of relaxation. This could include anything from sports, music, reading, walking, or art. 
Healthy body
This is all about keeping fit and healthy, as well as what food we put into our bodies. Our students are able to achieve this achieve through the wide range of sports, activities, and clubs that we have available for them.

There are 2 points I want our students to come away from this pillar with, and I want our students to think about how we can factor in these 2 points into our everyday lives:

  1. How can we use our hobbies to de-stress?
  2. Why is sleep is important?

Biking Activity

Mr. Nathan took some of the boys into the woods over the weekend, and they had a great time. After a long and stressful first week at school, there is nothing more refreshing and positive than getting out into nature with your friends and enjoying the fresh air.

Well done boys!

Geneva Boat Trip

On Saturday, the Boarding Community took a trip to Geneva where they experience the beautiful sites of Lake Geneva. The Boat Trip was extremely exciting for everyone, and they loved being outside in the fresh air with their friends, taking in the stunning views.

The Chess Wars – Herman and Manuel

We have several keen chess players in Concha Blanca, and this weekend, Herman and Manuel had a great time challenging each other on the chess board. After a long and tiring weekend of sporting activities and trips, it was great to see the boys winding down and relaxing before school starts again on Monday.

Louis and Masafumi on a Nature Walk with Mr. Rob

Mr. Rob, who used to be a House Parent in Concha Blanca, took a group of students on a walk in the woods in Versoix this weekend. Masafumi and Louis were keen to see the countryside surrounding the school, and they were not disappointed. The walk was around 7km in total, and it gave them a chance to connect with nature, and have a good time with new friends.

A visit to the Lake before Dinner

A quick group photo of all the boys by the lake today. Perfect afternoon to spend a hour before dinner by the lake with the sun shining.

Erik standing for a photo by the lake.

Loris and Aryan putting up a few shots after dinner.

Masafumi enjoys reading books and loves baseball. You will always find the baseball glove and ball close to the door ready for a game of catch!

Erik and Aryan enjoying PingPong where they had a very good end to end match!

What are the chances of this?

First Assembly and Swiss International Dinner

The boys chatting before Mr.Usher opened our first assembly tonight in Eiger auditorium


Louis, Erik, Antonio, Manuel and Masafumi all enjoying themselves at our first International dinner tonight! As you can see smiles all round


The delicious main course meal the boys enjoyed tonight

Erik managed to grab himself some balloons for himself after dinner.

Concha Blanca – A Happy House!!!

After the first few days on campus, the boys have had a great time, despite the natural difficulties of moving abroad and meeting new people. Each boy has already shown their character, sense of humour, and humility, and it has been wonderful to see them all smiling together and having fun. Tomorrow, school starts, and they are fully prepared!

Welcome to Concha Blanca!

Dear Students and Parents,

It is our pleasure to welcome our new students to Concha Blanca, and to welcome back our returning boys to their second home!

We have some changes in the Boarding House. Mr Rob has moved to Léman 1, where he will be reunited with the Seniors Boys and continue his professional development there over the coming academic year. Mr Ronan has join us in Concha Blanca from Olympus, and we are all very excited to have him join the family. Mr Ronan is a keen climber, snowboarder, and  cyclist. The returning boys know him well and he is extremely excited about meeting the new students and helping them settle into the Boarding House!

See you all very soon!

Mr James, Mr Ronan, and Mr Nathan 🙂