Wellbeing Wednesdays!!

Tonight we had our Wellbeing meeting where the boys chose their individual projects. As our community projects, we choose to participate in the football tournament, where we had our first game tonight against AC Leman. We also Welcomed Chaddy who arrived at the house today!! 

Today Manuel, Erik, and Antonio wore their new House hoodies.

Herman, Loris, Masafumi, Dyma, Louis, and Erik also wore their hoodies to school today.

This morning Erik and Antonio had a quick game of x’s and o’s on the bench with the morning dew

Some shots from tonight’s game! It was a great game. Both teams played extremely well. The game finished 5-5. Great start to the tournament and a fair result for both teams.

The boys are all happy after a great performance!!!

House photo after the game. Well done boys!!

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