Pumpkin Carving

Today Kevin, Manuel and Antonio took the time to carve the House pumpkin before getting all dressed up for Trick or Treating.

How it turned out. Great job boys!!

The cleaning process was not so nice for Antonio.

Chaplins World

Today our boys visited Chapins World in Vevey.

Group photo before entering the studio.

Aryan coping one of Michaels’s moves.

Chady sitting behind a bank cashier.

Kevin discovering how phone calls used to be like.

Aryan in what was Charlie Chaplin’s bathroom.

Chady contemplated getting his haircut.

Climbing πŸ§—πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Kevin working his way up a nice overhanging climb.

Kevin topped a nice climb!!

Manuel at the top of also what was a great climb!

Manuel, Kevin and Aryan looking up trying to figure out the next move to top the climb.

Aryan smiling!! He loved every second of it. It was Aryans first time climbing. We took it very easy as he is still recovering but he loved it.

Antonio figuring out his next move

Loris holding on strong!


Loris enjoying a well deserved rest after a great day climbing!