Great trip to Chamonix !

This Sunday, the boys went to Chamonix. They took a ride on the train to the glacier and to visit the ice caves. For most of them it was the first time they had been to Chamonix and they loved it.

Happy birthday Antonio! 🥳

Today we celebrated Antonio’s birthday. What an unbelievable day for him. With his friends we played football, ping pong and volleyball. Afterwards we ate a delicious chocolate cake and Antonio opened his presents. Antonio will never forget this beautiful day.

Online Wellbeing.

 House meeting about Online Wellbeing

We had a discussion with the boys to see if they were conscious of how much time they spend on their phone and who really wins by you spending more and more time on your apps.

For the boys Wellbeing Projects they will participate in the Phone Detox Challenge.

Happy CDL Day!!

Today, the students and staff celebrated CDL Day! This included several events throughout the day, including the student and staff running races. The boys that participated did so well, and we are so proud of them all.