Back on the court

Today the sports tournaments are finally back and we have started with one of our favourites, the basketball tournament!

The opening game was against a tough opponent, Franconis, but we knew how to fight even though in the end we were defeated, the important thing is that the participation was massive, both on the court and cheering from the bench.

We leave you the analysis of the game by the captain of the basketball team, Giorgiy:

I think the game was great and it was a big challenge both physically and mentally. Throughout the game we most of the time tried our best and gave it all. Even though we did all of that I think we still should have been more focused on winning the game but it was ok. I feel like we can improve on communication and just understand each other better. But that of course takes time and it’s only our 3d week together.  Overall the game was a great way of getting better at teamwork and just overall getting to know each other better.