Coppet Castle visit

Last Wednesday, some of the students and all our boys went to visit the “Château de Coppet,” a wonderful architectural piece just 20 minutes away.

A little bit of history:

The Château of Coppet was founded around 1280 by Humbert IV of Thoire and Villars. Of the medieval fortress, only the south wing of the current classical building remains. The château was stormed and burned by the Bernese in 1536, during the conquest of the Pays de Vaud.

In 1657, the château was acquired by Frederick, Burgrave of Dohna. He and his son Alexander remodelled the château into a classic U-shaped structure. Except for a few later additions, we owe the château’s current appearance to the Genevan banker Jean-Jacques Hogguer. The park was, at the time, a garden in the French style.

Acquired in 1784 as a summer residence by Jacques Necker, a Genevan banker and former minister to Louis XVI, King of France, the château was subsequently completely restored by Necker, who spent the last years of his life there with his wife Suzanne, born Suzanne Curchod. They are buried together in the family mausoleum built in 1793-1794.

Later, major improvements were carried out by Necker’s grandson, Auguste de Staël, who transformed the French garden into an English-style park and created a remarkable Return from Egypt Empire-style library in 1819. His grand-niece, Mathilde d’Haussonville, built a Gothic Revival-style chapel within the château in 1880.

Since Necker, the château has remained in the same family. Necker’s daughter Germaine de Staël inherited it in 1804. She bequeathed the château to her son Auguste, who died prematurely in 1827. His widow, Adelaide de Staël, born Adeleide Vernet, lived there for nearly 50 years. She bequeathed the château to her niece Louise de Broglie, the Countess Haussonville, who was also the granddaughter of Madame de Staël.

Since then, the Haussonville family still owns and lives in the château, ensuring its conservation while keeping alive the memory of this special place for current and future generations.


All the groups were taken through the rooms of the castle, knowing a little bit of what happened there.

Winter Ball evening

Last Saturday, the entire Boarding community attended the Winter Ball to celebrate the end of the first semester.

Everyone did their best to dress up like true gentlemen, as we try to instill in them at Concha Annexe.

Unfortunately, Adam, Nikita, and Mr. Manuel couldn’t join us for this great moment.

Escalade celebration

Les garçons de Concha Annexe se sont réjouis de l’esprit de l’Escalade, savourant les délices de la marmite en chocolat. Des rires et une camaraderie remplissaient l’air alors qu’ils embrassaient la tradition, partageant des moments de joie. L’atmosphère festive capturait l’essence de la célébration, forgeant des liens et créant des souvenirs durables au cœur de cet événement annuel tant chéri.

Concha Annexe’s boys reveled in Escalade’s spirit, savoring chocolate marmite delights. Laughter and camaraderie filled the air as they embraced tradition, sharing sweet moments of joy. The festive atmosphere captured the essence of the celebration, forging bonds and creating lasting memories in the heart of this cherished annual event.

The traditional sentence “Ainsi périssent les ennemis de la République” translates to “Thus perish the enemies of the Republic.” The oldest and youngest persons in the room say this before smashing the marmite during the Escalade celebration in Geneva.

Winter Ball 2023

On Saturday, the CDL boarding community celebrated the end of the year by holding a winter ball, held at the Hilton.

A lovely time was had by all, brilliant food, fantastic music, and only the tiniest amount of shenanigans.

The Concha boys rolled out to the event in finery – as is only natural for these fine young gentlmen.

Massive thank you to Lucélia for spearheading the night’s organisation, the Hilton Staff, and everyone who was involved in making sure the night was as great as it was – the boys had a blast!

The Boys dressed to the Nines

Pizza Party!

The Concha boys (plus a few visitors) had a blast on friday with a pizza party, to kick off the last weekend before the Departures next week. Our very own Nathan popped by to join in on the fun and was only mildly disappointed that they were not all for him.

In an international school and an international house, there is one thing we can all agree on – everyone likes pizza!

Rhythm and Grooves

Tonight, Muhan and Vincent showed off their fantastic breakdancing skills at the Extracurricular Winter Show. Absolutely wonderful show, well done to the boys and to everyone that took part!


Muhan making sure the crowd knows whats about to go down!

Vincent starting the hype and getting ready to throw out some serious moves!