Our wellbeing, our priority (Chapter 5.1: Making Safe and Responsible Choices)

Last Tuesday marked the continuation of our esteemed wellbeing programme as we delved into the final pillar, Pillar 5, “Making Safe and Responsible Choices”.

This particular segment holds special significance as all the materials have been enriched by the contributions of Filippo and Adam. Under the guidance of Mr. Manuel, who has meticulously and enthusiastically prepared everything to ensure it is both meaningful and engaging, this pillar promises to be enlightening.

Throughout the meeting, we explored the concept of peer pressure, examining how it can influence our decisions. The boys were captivated by the visuals created by the advocates and eagerly shared their questions and insights about peer pressure.

Good people and BBQ make the best memories.

After a brief and rainy week, the anticipation for the upcoming long weekend was palpable among all the boys. When we proposed the idea of having a BBQ by the lake, their enthusiastic response was unanimous.

With the invaluable assistance of Ms. Maral, who expertly crafted the perfect recipe for beef burgers, and Mr. Manuel, we prepared a feast fit for our boys. In addition to the burgers, we included some chicken and homemade bread to round out the meal.

Arriving at the venue around 11:30 am, we wasted no time in firing up the grill, a crucial step in any BBQ. Mr. Manuel and Mr. Räphael took charge of this important task. As the delicious aroma of sizzling burgers filled the air, the boys eagerly awaited their meal, with refills of ice-tea keeping them refreshed in the meantime.

Once the burgers were ready, Mr. Manuel and Mr. Räphael served as the ceremony masters, ensuring that each boy received a perfectly cooked burger. The joy and satisfaction on the boys’ faces as they savored the flavors of the carefully prepared meal was truly heartwarming.

Amidst compliments for the chefs and a vibrant atmosphere of happiness, it wasn’t long before every last morsel of food had been devoured. With satisfied bellies and spirits lifted, the boys enjoyed a wonderful afternoon filled with good food and even better company.