A Summer State Of Mind!

Dear Boys,

We would like to wish you a lovely summer! It has been such an amazing year, filled with fun, laughter and smiles!

Boys, thank you for being you.

Shiryu, Andy, Dani, Alan, we wish you all the best and please stay in touch!

Joey, Emir, Joseph, Vinnie, Firdardar (last time Feydya, I promise!) Michael, Filippo, Jefforths, Muhan, Ariel, Kris, BRYAN, Bardia, Shaokun, Nikita & Adam we hope you have an amazing summer and see you next year!

…..stay out of trouble!

Lots of love,

Tarun, Manu, Jack, Raph, Charis & Steph


A Grade-Achievement: Celebrating Our 8th Graders’ Leap to High School

Today, we proudly celebrate our 8th graders’ graduation from middle school. It’s a day of joy and pride as we reflect on their incredible journey.

These students have shown resilience, creativity, and dedication, proving they’re ready for the adventures of high school. Their growth, both academically and personally, has been remarkable.

In today’s photos, you can see their excitement for the future. Each smile and proud stance tells a story of success and the promise of greater achievements to come.

Congratulations, Concha boys, Class of 2024! We are incredibly proud of you and can’t wait to see all the wonderful things you’ll accomplish.


Concha Chaos: Leaping into the Summer! Foam, Festivities, and a Fun-Filled Finale

As the academic year came to a close, our boarding school celebrated with an unforgettable end-of-year event packed with excitement and adventure.

Students had a blast with Slip and Slide laser tag, where they combined strategy with slippery fun, making for a thrilling and laughter-filled game. 

The foam machine turned Concha garden into a bubbly paradise, with everyone reveling in the sudsy delight.

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, bungee jumping provided the ultimate thrill, leaving participants with unforgettable memories.

This event perfectly capped off another fantastic year at our school, bringing everyone together for a day of pure joy and camaraderie.


June-ning into Fun: Horseplay, Tennis, and Running Wild!

Today was a blast at our boarding house! Each of our Concha boys dove into an exciting activity.

Some hit the tennis courts, where they showed off their skills and teamwork in friendly matches.

Michael saddled up for an adventurous ride on the trails, bonding with his horse and soaking up the scenery.



A group of enthusiastic runners took to the beautiful paths, enjoying the fresh air and the challenge

Shiryu took on the first leg of our relay at a blistering pace

Filippo ran his very first 6KM coming in under 30 minutes

Thrilling Adventures and Unforgettable Moments: A Weekend at Concha!

This past weekend at Concha was truly memorable. Both days were action-packed with activities like climbing, running, tennis, hip-hop and of course swimming in the pool. One of the highlights was paragliding, offering breathtaking views from the sky but most importantly,  Michael stole the show in the musical “Annie Jr.,” with many boys from Concha and Concha Annexe there to support him. Sunday provided a perfect balance with relaxation, studying for the upcoming exams and reflection. It was a weekend that beautifully captured the spirit of adventure and friendship at Concha.


Flying on the Swiss sky

We at Collège du Léman constantly strive to ignite a passion for exploration among our students. Our activities programme thoroughly crafted by Miss Lucélia has been a cornerstone in this endeavour, offering our boys a chance to dive into unique experiences beyond the classroom.

This month, Miss Lucélia decided to recognise those who have wholeheartedly embraced the programme by treating them to an unforgettable adventure: paragliding. Among the chosen were Shiryu from Concha and Adam from Concha Annexe. Their faces lit up with excitement as they soared above, marvelling at the world unfolding beneath them.

Both returned exhilarated, their spirits soaring as high as they had been in the sky. They were grateful for the opportunity and this experience served as a poignant reminder that dedication and commitment are always rewarded.

D’June Know What Time It Is?

The weather wasn’t the best but the concha crew took no notice.  Tennis, Golf, and Aqua Park were just a few of the many activities on offer this weekend.

Firdavs became one with the ball 🎾

Filippo was putting in the hours on the range despite hazardous weather conditions

A troup of thrill seekers  went on a field trip Aqua Park

Alan was dialling in nicely on his swing