Our Wellbeing, our priority (Chapter 3.4: Building Positive Friendships)

In our last session of this pillar, we played a Kahoot with examples of toxic friendships, the boys had to categorise them in 3 groups:

🚩 Red flag – A clear sign of toxic friendship.

🟡 Yellow flag – A possible sign of toxic friendship. A warning.

🟩 Green flag – No sign of toxic friendship, a positive sign of true friendship.

It was fascinating and it opened a debate with some of the scenarios.

Well done to Kristian who won the Kahoot with the best score.

Our Wellbeing, Our Priority (Chapter 3.2: Building Positive Friendships)

We have explored the qualities of the friends we would like to have, and now let’s shift our focus to introspection.

This past week, we delved into understanding the kind of friends we are. The boys had the opportunity to hear some opinions from the friends of the ladies in Louis Yung 7, and now their challenge for this week is to seek feedback from their own friends.


About The First Weekend Of The Year

We kicked off 2024 at our Boarding Community, with a weekend filled with activities. Despite the remaining snow, we all managed to do something fun and retake our habits once again.

Bryan kept practicing tennis at a high level and Shaokun went for a second time to learn better how to play. Nikita kept going with Horse Riding. Finally, Adam and Kristian went to Laser tag, one of the most popular activities throughout the year and they enjoyed it very much.