Our Wellbeing, our Priority! (Chapter 1.2: Nurturing Healthy Minds and Bodies)

We conducted our second meeting today, focusing on the topic of sleep.

Our second key takeaway is: “What tools can I utilise to enhance the quality of my sleep?”

During the meeting, the boys had the opportunity to watch a recording featuring our student advocates and some special guests, including Mr Usher, who shared valuable tips on how to achieve restful sleep:

1. Avoid heavy meals before bedtime.
2. Incorporate stretching exercises before going to bed.
3. Turn off screens at least 30 minutes before bedtime and adjust screen brightness to night mode.
4. Engage in reading a book.
5. Practice meditation techniques.
6. Consider drinking warm milk.

As a challenge, each boy has selected one or two of these recommendations to implement and will record their progress in their planners. We are eager to see if these changes positively impact the quality of their sleep. Stay tuned for the results, which will be presented in our monthly assembly next week.

Thank you for your attention and involvement!

Weekend Vibes

We had a busy weekend filled with numerous activities and lots of fun. Some of the activities that were chosen included karting, climbing, cooking, horse riding, and tennis.

Here are a few snapshots for you to enjoy!

Our Wellbeing, our Priority! (Chapter 1.1: Nurturing Healthy Minds and Bodies)

Today, as we do every Wednesday, we held our House Meeting to introduce the topic of wellbeing.

Our first meeting was held today, and we kicked off with the first pillar, “Nurturing Healthy Minds and Bodies.” This year, along with our colleague Ms. Perrine Manoury and the amazing team of Wellbeing Advocates (Regina, Marcelo, Etoile, Laura Jane, and Ajuka), we focused on the topic of sleep.

Did you know that research shows that 60% of Middle School students and 70% of High School students do not get enough sleep on weekdays? It’s concerning, isn’t it?

So, during this first session, we touched base with the boys to understand how much sleep they are getting and, more importantly, to raise awareness about the consequences of insufficient sleep on our daily lives. We emphasised the first key point, which is “Understanding the importance of sleep in our daily lives.”

The boys watched a video created by our Advocates team, who did an incredible job. We are immensely proud of their commitment and dedication. Now, it’s time for us all to reflect on and work through this important aspect of our lives.





Geneva Tour

Our students embarked on a tour of Geneva last Wednesday.

During the tour, they had the opportunity to explore significant monuments and notable spots within this captivating city. As they immersed themselves in the experience, their bonds of friendship began to strengthen.

Rest assured, we will continue to gather and treasure these unforgettable moments.

Treasure Hunt

Our students participated in a treasure hunt as part of our induction activities last Tuesday.

The game proved to be both intriguing and exhilarating for all of them, as they approached it with a strong determination to win.


Welcome To CDL!

Dear Students,

We have returned to campus, fully recharged after our summer holidays, and we are diligently preparing everything for your arrival.

This year, Concha and Concha Annexe will be working together as one united and combined house.

Stay tuned for updates!

Best regards,

Tarun, Alex, Nathan, Ronan, Manuel & Stéphane