A Summer State Of Mind!

Dear Boys,

We would like to wish you a lovely summer! It has been such an amazing year, filled with fun, laughter and smiles!

Boys, thank you for being you.

Shiryu, Andy, Dani, Alan, we wish you all the best and please stay in touch!

Joey, Emir, Joseph, Vinnie, Firdardar (last time Feydya, I promise!) Michael, Filippo, Jefforths, Muhan, Ariel, Kris, BRYAN, Bardia, Shaokun, Nikita & Adam we hope you have an amazing summer and see you next year!

…..stay out of trouble!

Lots of love,

Tarun, Manu, Jack, Raph, Charis & Steph


What’s Cooking, Gourd Looking?

Dear all,

In the spirit of this spooky Halloween season, the Boarding Houses are comeptiting in a Pumpkin Carving Competition.

Without further ado, let us introduce you to our monsterous creation! On top, we have Frank, and below – with all the gnashing teeth – is Stein! This is The Frank ‘n’ Stein Monster!

The Concha Team