Milano non avrà il mare, però ha il cielo in tinta con le case. I pittori risparmiano a ritrarla, non spendono in colori, basta il grigio

With a lot of longing, we say bye-bye to our wonderful trip programme made by Miss Lucélia.

This last long weekend in May, Lyam visited Milan, this vibrant and cosmopolitan city has so much to offer. They went to Opera, and visit the Lago di Garda and the spectacular Duomo.

What a nice end to this wonderful journey. We will come back next year with new trips and new adventures.

Bravo Micha for the Brown Belt !!!

Today Micha acheived  a new milestone in his judoka life.
He received the brown belt !!! One of  the highest degree of mastering this sport.

Also he made a testimonial about this sport in our boarding newsletter:

“I started Judo at the age of 8, I made a lot of friends and I enjoyed the activity.  Judo is a sport of discipline and commitment, even if it looks easy from the outside you need a lot of focus and training.  When I changed schools I stopped practicing to focus on my studies, but I quickly realised that I needed to practice a combat sport to decrease my stress and keep me physically active.

I  started boxing in November which is a very interesting sport but after a few months of practicing, I decided to go back to Judo and signed up in the local club. Taking part in a tournament is a way to reward your hard work and push you to your limit so you always try to reach a higher level. During the talent show, together with my boarding mate Jamil, we made a presentation of judo techniques on stage, I hope it gave some insight into this amazing sport and maybe encourage others to try it for themselves.

We are very proud of him 🙂

Vienna Trip

During this long weekend of 4 days, our students attend a wonderful trip in Vienna.

Lyam had the chance to visit one of the oldest and most beautiful European capital.
The trip was a smooth mix of history, education and fun.

On Saturday evening, while enjoying a traditional schnitzel meal, the students were surprised by a live performance of an Austrian traditional dance.
the whole trip was blessed by wonderful and sunny weather.

Math challenges

Tonight after dinner, we figured out that some of our boys had issues doing basic math equations… quickly and without using the calculator.
So we challenged them in different math problems; Percentages, multiplication, division etc..

For 1 hour they competed against each other and even developed a new strategy to count really fast.
To be continued …

Concha Annexe Got Talent

Our students have the possibility to dedicate time & energy to their passion.

Diego bought brand new Faber & Castel drawing pencils and dedicated his Sunday Morning to practice on his notebook.

Taha under his artist name “TS1” composed, wrote and recorded a few rap songs. He learned how to use different music apps and is very proud to share them with his friends.


Madrid Trip

This weekend Lyam attended the weekend trip in Madrid.
On Saturday they attended the Madrid Open Women’s finals and visited the Real Madrid football Stadium this morning.