Pizza Party

What a wonderful thing a good pizza is, thin and crispy dough, tasty ingredients well combined, lots of love and baked in the oven.

Today we have tasted incredible pizzas, from the traditional Margherita, or for the bravest with spicy salami, or a vegetable pizza with lots of flavor like the one with funghi, artichokes, and mascarpone cheese, amazing flavor.


Barbecue in CDL gardens

We love to enjoy the gardens of the CDL on a sunny day and what better than a barbecue to enjoy together.

We enjoyed delicious sausages, vegetable brochettes with halloumi cheese, or grilled chicken with herb-roasted potatoes.



Indian food truck

To celebrate the arrival of the good weather and our international dinner, we have been visited by an Indian food truck. A great experience for our senses and sharing a meal outside in the company of good friends.