International Dinner – Canada 🍽

Dear all,

For our International Dinner this Wednesday, we had Canadian Food. 😋

Leaving you with some facts about Canadian Food:

  • Great Lakes Perch is a seasonal dish that you can usually find in the summer months in restaurants near Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.
  • Usually found in Montreal, steamies are one of the favorite dishes of this region.
  • The dish consists of a soft bun that has a steamed hot dog inside it. The interesting fact about steamies is they do not contain ketchup, unlike most Canadian dishes.
  • A Canadian dish famous all around the world is peameal bacon. Peameal bacon is famous for being made from pork loin. It is also regarded as Canadian bacon.


Thank you to everyone that was involved in this dish! 🙌
We wish you a great week!


Collège du Léman Team😊 

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