Wednesday Lunch 🍽

Dear all,

For lunch today, we had Rôti de Boeuf for all the restaurants and the vegetarian dish was Végétarian Risotto.

Thank you very much to the kitchen staff. 🙌


Collège du Léman Team

Monday Meals 🍽

Good evening everyone,

Here is the menu of the lunch for all the students of the school: Zurich style chicken with Rösti and vegetables 😀

This evening instead the students had some chocolate – the Marmite de l’Escalade!

Happy start of the week to you all!

Collège Du Léman Team 😀

Winter Soup 🍜

Good morning everyone,

Every year the preschool students bring vegetables for the Escalade soup and the kitchen staff prepare a delicious meal for them 🤩

Here is a before and after

We wish you a good day!

Collège Du Léman Team 😀

International Dinner: Iranian Evening

Goodmorning everyone,

Yesterday the International dinner was an Iranian meal with the typical dish of the country that was requested by one of our Iranian students: Ghormeh Sabzi 😊

It is an Iranian herb stew, and it is considered the national dish of Iran.

Have a great day!

Collège Du Léman Team 😊

Lunch at CDL

Good afternoon everyone,

By now we can say that winter is here, so our kitchen staff warms us up with delicious soup and fondue 🧀

Today we also had Japanese pancakes made with miso, cabbage and soy by the chef Mathieu and Florent 🤩

Have a good day to you all!

Collège Du Léman Team

Tonight’s Dinner

Good evening everybody,

Tonight’s dinner was a tasting of a trio of sea food! With island flavours 🏝️ coconut, lime, cilantro 🌿

Beautiful evening to you!

Collège Du Léman Team 😊