Wednesday International Dinner! 🙌

Dear all,

For our first International Dinner of the term, we had Belize food! 🌮
It looks so good!! 😜

Here are some interesting facts about Belize food:

  • Fruit like mangos, bananas and limes flavour a lot of Belizean dishes.
  • Belizeans tend to like their dishes spicy, and absolutely worship Marie Sharp’s hot sauce. This hot sauce comes in a range of spiciness, including Mild, Hot, Fiery, Belizean Heat, No Wimps Allowed, and Beware.
  • Seafood makes appearances quite often in Belize cuisine, particularly due to the fact that Belize is a coastal nation. Flounder and barracuda are popular seafood choices
  • Much of the street food in Belize is influenced by its neighbouring Spanish-speaking countries. Tacos, panades (fried corn patties with fish and beans), garnaches (see above recipe), and salbutes (hot, fried tacos) shine as Belizean street food.


Collège du Léman Team 😊

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