International Dinner – Turkish Food

Dear all,

For our International Dinner we had – Turkish food! 😋


Delicious pictures! 🤗

Here are some interesting facts about Turkish food:

  • Spices: The western impression of Turkish food is that it is very spicy. However, Turks don’t just use spices for the sake of throwing in as many flavours as possible. Instead, every dish is prepared to bring out the main ingredient’s flavour instead of burying it under sauces or spices.
  • Dinner: Dinner in Turkish cuisine is the most elaborate meal of the day. The dinner table is filled with a variety of sumptuous dishes because it’s the only time, apart from weekends, that all family members assemble.

Thank you very much!


Collège du Léman Team 😊

International Dinner – Bulgarian Food

Dear all,

For our traditional international dinner, we had Bulgarian food! 🥘



Some interesting facts about Bulgarian food:

  • The food in Bulgaria has a strong Greek and Turkish influence with dishes like baklava and Shopska salad; a cucumber, onion, tomato, white cheese and pepper dish that reminds one of a Greek salad.
  • Traditional Bulgarian food is varied, yet specific to certain regions of the country. In the Thracian Valley, claypot dishes like gyuvech are popular.
  • Fish and seafood are plentiful from the Black Sea coast.


Collège du Léman Team 😊

Welcome back! 🍽

Dear all,

We are very happy to welcome back our students with an amazing new layout for the dinning hall in Léman! 😎



Thank you very much to all the team involved in this transformation! 🙌



Collège du Léman Team 😊

International Dinner – Moroccan Food

Dear all,

Today for our International Dinner, we had Moroccan food. 😋🍽

Some interesting facts about the Moroccan food:

  • Moroccans eat their meals at low round tables, often sitting on cushions on the floor.
  • They eschew the use of utensils and eat with their hands, using the thumb and first two fingers of their right hands.
  • They typically serve flatbread with every meal.
  • They use pieces of bread to soak up sauces and to carry food to the mouth.
  • Moroccans pour their mint tea by holding the pot high above the glasses, allowing the air to mix with the tea.

Thank you very much to the kitchen staff!


Collège du Léman Team

International Dinner – Japan 🍽

Dear all,

For our usual International Dinner, we had Japanese dinner! 🤩

Facts about Japanese food:

  • Narezushi, Japan’s original sushi, traces its origins to China. When it was introduced to Japan in the 8th century, it consisted of fermented rice and salted fish. It was mixed with rice vinegar and sake, and laid under a large stone to prevent the growth of bacteria and microorganisms and to keep it fresh longer.
  • One of the most mind-blowing Japanese food facts is meat being a relatively new thing in Japan. Japanese cuisine was heavily influenced by Buddhist traditions. Because the Buddhists forbid the killing of animals for meat, eating meat aside from seafood was almost unheard of.


Thank you very much to our kitchen staff! 🙌


Collège du Léman Team