Wellbeing: State of being physically and mentally healthy in a positive and constructive way.

In Ecureuil Boarding House we were very pleased to start our wellbeing program  yesterday evening. We care about our students, and we are here to help them build the foundations to rise and shine through life. During this term we are going to focus on Nurturing healthy minds and bodies. I was happy to see that the girls have an awarness about what wellbeing means  and  why they should monitor and study their sleep habits. Sleep is  very important for staying healthy and luckily, the average hour rate of sleep in our house is 8 hours per night. The girls are going to use a sleep diary in order to monitor and measure the quality of their sleep for 2 weeks. The sleep patterns are going to help us and them understand and try small changes at a time in order to improve their sleeping habits. I was happy to see their engagement to this project. Until next time, be happy and smile 🙂

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