Well being session: CDL anti-bullying policy for our students.

Tonight during our session, we talked about what bullying means. They girls shared incidents that could be dealt as bullying situations and we have also discussed our intolerance as a School and Community into such incidents.

See below our anti-bullying policy for our students.


Respect, Internationalism, School spirit, Excellence

Collège du Léman promotes positive respectful behaviour towards others and within this context takes a

strong stance against bullying in any form. This policy outlines the ongoing effort to make this a whole

school commitment. All members of the school community have a right to work in a secure and caring

environment. They also have a responsibility to contribute, in whatever way they can, to the protection and

maintenance of such an environment. CDL believes that a safe and civil school environment is necessary for

students to learn and achieve. We recognize that bullying causes physical, psychological and emotional

harm to students and that a safe environment supports their ability to succeed academically and develop

emotionally into responsible, caring individuals.

Anyone who becomes the target of bullying should feel that he or she need not suffer in silence, but can

speak out and will be supported by CDL. In this way, the student will help put an end to his or her own

abuse and that of other potential targets.

We expect students to:

  • Refrain from becoming involved in any kind of bullying, even at risk of incurring temporary


  • Intervene to prevent bullying, where it is safe to do so.
  • Report any witnessed or suspected instances of bullying, to dispel any climate of secrecy and help to

prevent further instances


A student witnessing or being the subject of inappropriate or unkind behaviour should let a member of staff

know either by:

  • Writing down the details and placing it in the ‘class box’.
  • Finding a quiet moment to speak to an adult


A student who is witnessing bullying or a student who is being bullied should complete a written report (email

or paper) with the Homeroom Advisor/Advisory teacher.

The Pastoral Head, Deputy Principal and Principal will be informed.


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