Celebrating Friendship.

Today we celebrated Friendship with the visit of Karim’s parents.

The evening before Valentine’s we enjoyed the visit of the family of Karim.

His mum shared with us the recipe of Karim’s favorite meal. Nadim took good note of the process.

A mix of Lebanese and Thai food was up on the table. It was delicious.

All the best for you Karim during the break period. We will be waiting for you!

Winter weekends.

A week before the break of February, our students enjoy their routines and help in and around campus.

Jules joined the Community Service squad and helped to clean around campus.

Jonathan hosted a “Feijoada” in the house with his friends from school. The traditional Brazilian dish was a delicatessen that I was lucky to try,

Nihad helped his friend Jamil from Concha Annexe with homework and projects of school.

Swisstory Quiz!

We had our latest installment of the House Competition this evening.

Our boys did well and had fun at the same time!

Congrats to Champs des Bois and their speedy clicks!