Wellbeing Pillar 4: Online Safety

As we continue with Pillar 4, this evening in our House Assembly, we discussed Scams, Security and Identity Theft.

Our Advocate, Nadim, led us through a Kahoot quiz that had us answer the following questions:

  • What is the strongest password?
  • ______ are messages that try to trick you into providing sensitive information
  • When shopping online, which payment option is generally the safest?
  • Facebook can freely use your photos if you do not decline this in your privacy settings- true or false
  • What does “Accept all cookies” mean?
  • What is catfishing?
  • What is the best way to know if a website is secure?
  • How can you be found online?

Nadim wondering who answered “a lovely snack” to the questions about cookies.

The Kahoot was both fun (the Boys can get quite competitive) and informative, and went a long way to promote our understanding of how to keep our data secure and how to accurately identify threats to that security.