⚽Football 4 All🙌🏽

This weekend we organized in CDL a Charity Football Tournament. (Martin making his way through the rivals)

We were raising money for the Tanzania Service Project, which it will take place during the Eastern Break (Jeff dribbling against his opponents)

Four teams participated on the Championship. (Meylis performed a great defense rol with only 1 goal received in 3 games)

Our boys not only performed well winning 2 games and 1 tie, … (Victor passing the ball during a game)


…but demonstrated Fair Play and won the Tournament. (Navid managing the midfield)

I was one of the lucky ones to get a picture with the Champions.

Next Wednesday we have another competition and we are also getting ready for it.


Franconis Weekend Chronicles: Climbing Triumphs, eSports Brilliance, and Talent Show Prep! 🧗‍♂️🎮🌟

Hello, Franconis Weekend Warriors and Collège du Léman Maestros! 🏡🚀

As the weekend curtain draws to a close, the Franconis family once again etched vibrant tales of achievement and camaraderie. Let’s dive into the highlights of this extraordinary weekend!

In the realm of climbing, Navi showcased his indomitable spirit, conquering the most challenging boulders with finesse. Each ascent not only attests to his physical prowess but also symbolizes the unwavering determination that defines Franconis excellence. 🧗‍♂️⛰️

Over at the eSports Club, Meylis emerged as a leader, steering the FC24 team with skill and strategy. The virtual arena witnessed the brilliance of our Franconis eSports maestro, setting the stage for more victories to come. 🎮🏆

On the tennis courts, Aloísio honed his drive, demonstrating a commendable improvement in his tennis skills. The courts echoed with the sounds of a player dedicated to refining his game—a testament to Franconis commitment to personal growth. 🎾🚀

The crescendo of the weekend unfolded as our boys immersed themselves in the preparation for the upcoming Talent Show, slated for the 20th of March. With just 10 days to go, Franconis is gearing up for a performance that promises to dazzle and captivate. 🎤🌟

As Franconis continues to weave its tapestry of accomplishments, cheers to the synergy of talent, teamwork, and the boundless spirit that defines our house! 🌈🎉

🏸Sports & Motor Show in Geneva🏎️

These weekend our students could again take part in many activities. Jeff decided to practice badminton and tennis.

Victor joined the group which went to the Geneva Motor Show

Navid loyal and committed to his Climbing sessions.

… and Martín added a new recipe to his collection during Cooking club.

Happy February Break.


As February unfolds and the break approaches, we want to take a moment to extend our warmest wishes to all our readers.

We want you to know that we will be eagerly awaiting the return of our students after the break. The energy and enthusiasm they bring to our community contribute immensely to the vibrant spirit of our house, and we can’t wait to resume our shared journey of learning and growth.

Franconis Perspectives: Unveiling the Essence of Global Citizenship! 🌐🤝🏡

Greetings, Global Thinkers of Franconis! 🏡🌟

Today, our Franconis boys delved into the profound concept of Global Citizenship, unraveling its layers and contemplating its significance. After thoughtful discussions and reflections, they distilled their collective insights into a succinct and powerful definition:

Global Citizenship is the capacity to perceive the world as your home and your home as the world. The world is your home because you have the responsibility to respect every inhabitant, regardless of cultural background, gender, language, nationality, or religion. The world is your home because all individuals are integral to the same dwelling, contributing to a collective living project, to the same home. The world is your home because there is a duty to nurture and preserve it, much like caring for one’s own residence. This involves not merely preventing deterioration but actively fostering improvement. Your home is your world, emphasizing the importance of embracing diverse global experiences. This includes engaging with different cultures, residing in foreign lands, and extending the definition of family and friends to encompass individuals from around the globe.

In this profound definition, Franconis encapsulates the essence of a Global Citizen—someone who recognizes the interconnectedness of our world, embraces diversity, and shoulders the responsibility of fostering a harmonious and thriving global community.

Here’s to the continual exploration of global perspectives and the shared journey towards responsible Global Citizenship at Collège du Léman!

Franconis Weekend Update: Karting Thrills and Climbing Feats! 🏎️🧗‍♂️🌟

Hello, Franconis Enthusiasts and Collège du Léman Explorers! 🏡🌈

Another weekend in the books, and the Franconis lads seized every moment, balancing rest and excitement in the vibrant tapestry of Collège du Léman’s offerings. Let’s dive into the highlights of this action-packed weekend!

The spotlight was on Franconis this weekend as our boys, fueled by adrenaline and competitive spirit, took to the karting tracks for our House Activity. Speeding through the twists and turns, they showcased not only driving prowess but also the art of calculated overtakings. Concha Annex students joined the fun, but it was clear that Franconis held the winning edge with their driving finesse! 🏎️🌪️

Meanwhile, our beloved captain, Navidreza, demonstrated his unwavering commitment by not missing his usual climbing session. Scaling the heights, he focused on enhancing strength, gripping skills, and strategic prowess to conquer the challenging boulders. A true display of determination and passion! 🧗‍♂️⛰️

As Franconis continues to write its weekend tales, here’s to the perfect blend of thrilling activities and personal pursuits that make every weekend at Collège du Léman an adventure to remember!

Víctor’s Birthday Bonanza: A Belated Celebration Full of Surprises! 🎉🎂🎈

Hello, Franconis Celebrators and Birthday Enthusiasts! 🏡🌟

While Víctor kicked off the birthday festivities with family on Saturday, the Franconis family didn’t miss a beat and orchestrated a heartwarming surprise celebration yesterday, Sunday! 🎁✨

Víctor, our radiant friend and fellow Franconis family member, your birthday joy echoed through the walls of our house as we gathered to celebrate YOU! Though the day might have been belated, the warmth and excitement were right on time. 🎊🥳

Here’s to the joy of belated celebrations and the cherished moments that make Franconis more than a house—it’s a family where birthdays are celebrated with an abundance of love and laughter!

🎾🧗🏻‍♂️Sports & Cooking👨🏼‍🍳

This weekend a few of our students went to see their families and the ones staying took part on different activities.

Jeff played tennis with some of his colleagues of boarding.

Navid took part on his first climbing competition.

He got second position and this tournament gave him more motivation to advance on this discipline.

Martin learn a new recipe this weekend. Must have been delicious because he ate it before arriving home!