Community Service and Charity

On our journey for Pillar 2– this week we explored Community Service and Charity.

This is something we are incredibly passionate about in the Boarding Community. It is a way for us to give our time, energy, love and support to those in need or who are less fortunate. It is an important educational moment for students to learn empathy for others and to appreciate the position we are in and how we can use it to spread kindness.

We had our Boarding Counsellor come to give an introduction to Empathy. In her conversation, we concluded that empathy is the first step in making us sensitive to the importance of community service. When we help others, we express our empathy. When we help others it is the best way to combat social differences, and it also gives us a glimpse of the meaning of life from a perspective that is sometimes completely opposite to ours.

This week Dias gave the presentation.