Léman closing for business

So, we have reached the end of an amazing year.

We would like to say a huge well done to ALL the boys who have been part of the Léman family this year; for their achievements, their hard work and for overcoming any obstacles they have faced.

We are already looking forward to our students coming back for the 23/24 academic year, as well as welcoming some new additions into our Boarding community. We hope you all enjoy your holidays with your loved ones. Be safe and have fun.

All the best,

The Léman Team

Happy Birthday Aydan

Happy Birthday Aydan.

Despite the packing for the holidays, we would not miss the opportunity to share the cake and celebrate with you.

We wish you the best… and a lovely summer 😉


Visit to the Astronomic Observatory

An afternoon of science, astronomy and radioastronomy for Seyed who joined the visit to the Astronomic Observatory of Geneva. There we could know a little more about the science of space, how we look at it and how we study it. It’s a complex activity, relying a lot on technology and there is so much to unveil that what we know is so little still… But progress is on track and we are making major steps and breakthroughs almost every day.

A good, different outing for Seyed this afternoon

World Bicycle Challenge

The World Bicycle Relief is an action who aims at supporting underprivileged children in Africa who walk long distances only to attend school. All the fundraising is used to supply bikes to many of these children so they can make their way to and from school easier.

Coach Jamie set the challenge to Mr Rob, who mobilized many of his colleagues and Léman students to participate in a challenge. A 10 x 5Kms run, in relays vs a bike ride around the lake ( roughly 175Kms ). The first team to complete the challenge wins the bikers vs runners cup 🙂 Mr Rob, on his bike, was accompanying the runners for support.

The two teams: Riders vs Mr Rob and Antoni, just before the start of the challenge… and the cup.

Amirhossein celebrating with Mr Rob the end of their relay under the hot sun.


Mr Rob encouraging Teo for another relay of 5kms.


Teo, in full effort

Roi and Mr Rob… team spirit

… after the effort, a shade does wonders to Roi 🙂


The runners from Léman house were: Antoni, Ablai, Martin, Amirhossein, Teo and Roi. Well done for their effort and competitive spirit… and the runners won the challenge !!!


Bike Day – World Bicycle Relief

World Bicycle Relief (WBR) is a wonderful charity that gives bikes to thousands of students in the developing world. These bikes make their daily commute more practicable and as such reduce absenteeism and improve lives forever!

We have challenged our boarders and staff to run a week’s worth of commuting to school for the average recipient of a WBR bike. In the time they take to do this as a relay team, we thought we could cycle all the way around Lac Léman (170 km) first.

Turns out the runners won!! Great fun for a good cause and we have to say a big thank you and praise our boys Antoni, Ablai, Martin, Amirhossein, Teodoro and Roi. Also a big thank you to Mr Rob who accompanied each and everyone of our runners to ensure they had a safe and motivated run. Take a look at our champions:





Activity farewell weekend

As we approach the final days of this school year, our boys had a last chance to explore our many activities in offer for the weekend. Amongst cooking, wakeboarding, Tennis and much more, have a look at some of these moments:

End of year event!!

This afternoon, the entire Boarding community (including the Léman boys!) had so much fun at our annual ‘end of year event’. Everyone has worked very hard recently in preparation for their final exams and it was very nice to see everyone ‘blow off some steam’ and HAVE FUN!!

Climbing Party

Climbing offers many excellent benefits and during this year, Mr. Rodrigo has challenged a few students to find their grip and endurance every week. This problem solving activity keeps a healthy body but also releases stress specially now during this exam period. Antoni and Stefan were regular climbers and in the afternoon had the opportunity to put their skills to the test in a friendly competition followed by a well deserved Pizza.

We thank Mr Rodrigo for being there every week and for the farewell party … well done to the Leman boys and until next year for climbing! Have a look to the boys in action: