Runners vs Riders 2024

Today, both staff and students, including those in Léman Boarding House, took part in a charity event. The challenge? 170km cycling vs 60km running. The question? Who gets back first?

3 members of the Boarding team and the PE department embarked on a gigantic bike ride around Lake Geneva, whilst a number of students and staff members each participated in a 6km run, in a relay style, until we reached a total of 60km.

After over 5 hours on the road, the cycling group arrived on campus 20 minutes before the final runner! Everyone worked hard and did incredibly well! Congratulations to everyone who took part in this event.

This was all to support the World Bicycle relief – a charity which aims to provides bicycles to those without access to them. To learn more about the charity and the event which took place, please click the link below. 


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