Amperes of fun with AC/DC on campus!

Baudelio building an LED blinking circuit.

Ilian fault finding on his LED timer project.

Vladislav prototyping with the Arduino kit.

A closer look at the Arduino education kits our students have been using this weekend. This brilliant resource allows students to develop a practical understanding of the principles of electricity, coding using C++, and how to use these Arduinos to control any mechatronic project.

Seeing Double

This week in Leman, we experimented with 3d Scanning. We have recently started our Boarding STEAM club.

Here we can see Henry and Zihao putting the software to the test. This is a non-contact 3d scanning that we have created which would then enable 3d models of what is scanned to be printed.

Capture of data ‘point cloud’

Raw scan data with tracking information

Processing of scan

Finished colourised scan

Fly me to the moon!

A fun evening of water rocket launches while taking advantage of the wind conditions!

Amir going for height points

Vlad and Shintaro setting distance records

The same rocket on another launch. NASA take notes!

Biking to Bâtie


Shintaro and Luther joined the cycling activity this Saturday. Highlights of the ride included clear blue skies, spotting the local herd of reindeer, and cycling through the Cabane des Bûcherons park.

Léman One Sporting Victories

Léman One played Concha House twice this week and emerged victorious in both fixtures with a result of 6-2 in football and 37-25 in basketball. The end of this week concludes our first wellbeing pillar of healthy bodies and minds so it has been great to have seen so much participation and enjoyment in these games.