Sunday 30.09.12

Sunday 30.09.12. We have a nice opportunity to go to the cinema. Romolo wants us to watch one of the best movies ( Dark Knight rises).  I’m sure people will enjoy their time watching this movie.

Whazab Leman 2??

Hey This is my first post on the web and i wanted to let u guys know what we have done so far :

so first we had this welcome dinner that it was alright

after we had this  activity (karting) which we all had to precipitate and also i have to mention it was really fun even tho i didn’t do much

but it was really fun to be with ur friends and having fun.

later on this few weeks we have been learning a lot and starting to be in right ‘track’ as we say and the tutors have actually supported us really well
with there help.
like they decided  to put some people who are straggling with there studies in to a program which is called academic suport and that will help them understand more about there studies.

I should also say that like last year iam also in boarding committee which we discus about what problems boarding house have or if we dont like some stuff in the boarding house or how we can improve the boarding house and this sort of things.