meeting for boarders

Yesterday we had meeting for all boarders. Mr Usher made a nice speech for us. He explained what he expects from us and what we should expect from him. He is really trying his best, we can see that he puts a lot of effort in to his job, to make our life in CDL much much better. He realizes that sometimes we don’t like our cafeteria menu. He put a new link on moodle, so we can make suggestions for the food, whenever and wherever we want. I think it is good that this year management listens and spends time with us more than last year.

Sailing activity

Yesterday we had nice activity. It was sailing. Everybody enjoyed it, myself really liked it as well. Although water was cold we had so much fun. We divided in pairs, so it was 4 boats. Mr Wilson was on safety boat with the instructor. He allowed us to turn over our boats and board others. David, who was with me on the boat, was very nice partner, I think we were the best team, at that time.  The best game was, when everybody was trying to get control of the other boat. We sailed to Tutorby’s and Mahmud’s boat, after I jumped on their boat and pushed them out. We gained control of two boats, but after we had to gave them one boat.

We want more activities like sailing!


Football tournament

The football tournament started on monday this week. Our team (The international) had a significant draw against Kairat team and victory against one of the concha team. Also some Leman teams also played. Unfortunately Wolfs (Azerbaijan team) has lost twice.

Room Check!

Each Sunday we have a room check in Leman 2. After a  busy weekend and lots of things purchased the boys rooms can become just a little messy, especially when our great cleaner Claudio in off Saturday and Sunday.

Therefore Mr Wilson and Mr Jerome enforce a 9pm room check.

  • Floors need to be clean
  • Trash needs to be emptied
  • Desk and shelves need to be tidy
  • Wardrobes need to be organised

We check each students room and then acknowledge the most tidy students during our weekly meetings.

Sunday 30th Septembers winners of the most clean rooms were;




Good Job!