I know everybody celebrating New Year differently, but in Kazakhstan we have some traditions about it. Usually we call all relatives, we have a big table where 20-30 people are waiting until 11:55 pm and on the 1st channel our president Nursultan Nazarbayev gives a speech to everybody, but before that my family doing a lot of preparations. Cooking traditional meals, setting up decorations, preparing ourselves etc. It is a big event for all of us. We are saying good bye and thank you to the past year, because it was more or less successful.

By Akezhan

Award ceremony

Yesterday we had award ceremony. Everybody including Mr Theze took part in it. Boarders got awards in three different categories: Boarding life, Activities, Academic progress. 4 students from Leman II me including got medals. Medals were given to David Matveev, Abtin Aghagolian, Akezhan Sekerbay (me), Rostislav Duda. David got for boarding life, me for activities, Abtin and Rost got it for Academic progress. I was nominated as well, but I didn’t won, such a shame 🙂 Congratulations to everybody who won a medal yesterday!

By Akezhan


Award Ceremony Winners

Tonight was our awards ceremony to mark the end of the first marking period of the school year.

Rostislav DUDA– won an award for having the highest GPA in the Leman 2 house

Abtin AGHAGOLIAN– also won an award to acknowledge his academic accomplishments

Akezhan SEKERBAY– won the house Activity award from being involved, proactive, having a positive attitude and participation in all the house activities.

David MATVEEV– won the Boarding Life award for being a role model and showing the attributes that are important in a boarder. Sociability, good behaviour, positive attitude, participation, involvement, creating a community spirit etc.

Well done to all of these boys- it is well deserved.

While many of the boys in Leman 2 deserve praise for their efforts this marking period, it is important to acknowledge those that stand as good role models to others.



Sunday 25th- Room Check Winners

This weekend competition was high and a lot of students put in a lot more effort than usual. So congrats to everyone that got extra points for effort alone!

Marking on points this week, again based on wardrobe tidiness, shelf neatness, floor cleanliness and empty trash there were many high scorers which meant the difference between this weeks winners and others was very small!

Without further delay, the winners for Sunday 25th were;





chocolate is waiting!

A special meeting

This week we had a meeting with a doctor. He was speaking with us about the healthy food and smoking. The interactive what he made was interesting, because it wasn’t a monolog, it was a discussion with him. He explained many things to us, for example that in our age we should have at least 5 times a day fruits and vegetables. He also spoke about bad effect of cigarettes and drugs. To be honest most of us already knew this things especially about drugs, that they are harmful, so it wasn’t that interesting that I expected it to be. The problem is that it was during the free time, we have only 2 times a week when we can relax doing nothing after school, so it was even worse. The doctor was very friendly with us, when we made a point on something else, he was glad to answer the question. Overall I enjoyed my time being there.

Christmas dance (info)

Christmas is coming and CDL is organizing a Christmas dance for us.  You can choose who you want to sit with, just make sure that you filled the form and suggested with everybody, so after you won’t have any problems with it. We will do it tonight so think about it. Also you can order a limousine Lincoln for 8 person is 38 CHF or Hummer for 16 person is 45 CHF.


CDL is organizing Christmas dance every year

Last year Christmas dance was awesome. We had very nice program and the thing is that student government our friends organized it. The food which was serving was very good, better than during dinners. Then we had a little speech from the seniors, and after Dj put good music and everybody were dancing. School supervised us everything what we needed for this event. I think this year it will be better, for sure you will enjoy it.

Room Winners- Sunday 11th

After Room Check on Sunday below are the winners of the week.

Room were checked for;

  • Clean Floors
  • Empty Trash
  • Neat Wardrobes and
  • Tidy Shelves

As you can imagine after a weekend of boys being boys and without our wonderful cleaner Claudia, the rooms can sometimes not be recognisable bedrooms!

Well Done to;




They win a nice bar of chocolate!

Christmas Decorations!!

Everybody waiting for the Christmas holiday. Everyone wants to go back home, to spend some time with family, friends etc, but thanks to Nikolay, Eldar and Roman they already put up the Christmas decorations in Leman 2. Now our floor looks like small village in The North Pole with Mr Wilson and Mr Jerome as a Santa. Good job guys. Thank you very much!