Talent Show and Award Ceremony

On Tuesday 26th we had our annual Talent Show followed by our end of marking period award ceremony. Many of our students from the Leman 2 house were nominated but we are proud to report the following students who were acknowledged.


Boarding Lifestudents who have always shown positive attitude, community spirit, respect to the rules and others and has always participated and been enthusiastic about boarding



Activity Performancestudents who have always shown a positive attitude towards our activities, has always participated and been enthusiastic

David MATVEEV and Vsevolod KANTSAN


Academic Achievementstudents who have performed exceptionally well obtaining high GPAs this marking period

Abtin AGHAGOLIAN and Rostislav DUDA



We also were very proud of our efforts for the talent show in which we presented the following video. The concept, videoing, acting and editing was a collaboration between the whole house and we are proud of our efforts.

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