New sports facility

IMG_0216 IMG_0217

This is our new sports facility. A great new place to play, play, play, score, score, score…

On the top photo you can see Ryan’s hand pointing at the right direction… the goal. Ryan was shy and didn’t want to turn up in the photo. But his hand is enough to makes us understand the brilliant person he is 🙂

Finally we have Yuhei… and what can we say about Yuhei. His style, his haircut say everything about him 🙂

Having fun. Good times

Ivan’s Big Day

Since the week end Ivan has been celebrating his big day. He just started to play golf to please his father and he loved it! How beautiful it is when we discover something new we didn’t expected to like!

Madames et monsieurs Ivan’s birthday is today and we have had spontaneous celebrations in Léman 2 during the whole day!

Happy days in Versoix!


Is that Ivan playing golf?

First days and integration week

School has started and things are slowly getting to the right pace but before it was time to welcome everyone specially the new students who are still trying to find their way around campus. In order to help them the BH organised a couple of ice-breaking activities. A sports/chilled afternoon in Concha and by the pool got together the new students and some prefects. It was a great moment to get to know each other and start making some new friends. The weather was good so the students could enjoy the pool.

Wednesday we had the welcome dinner for everyone. A nice meal to celebrate the beginning of the year before real things start 🙂

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