Personalized gift for everybody

As an end of year gift, all the people in Leman 2 got a personalized key holder, with the logo we have created and the motto that identifies us.

A nice souvenir for the years to come, from the time passed in Léman 2, reminding us of what we have achieved together 🙂


A farewell assembly to some of our grade 12s who will be leaving in the next few days. Artem was great, doing a nice and touching testimonial on his boarding and IB experience.


Swiss Experience

Thanks to the long week-end Rayaan is taking part on the Swiss Experience trip. Almost 5 days of visiting, learning and relaxing around some of the most typical and pictoresque sites of our beautiful Switzerland.

Prefect Pouya

As Yikang, Pouyan and Danila step down from their fantastic role as prefects, a new generation is being appointed for next year.

Léman 2 is happy to announce that Pouya will be one of the 2018-19 Boarding Prefects. Throughout this year, Pouya has shown a contagious excitement about being in CdL. He will be a great help to us and will certainly be a great ambassador of CdL and our RISE values…

Congratulation Pouya, thank you for your energy and keep up the good work…

And a sweet to the first to answer here in the comment box, what does RISE stand for 🙂

Saturday Biking for Ryan

The good weather seems to be back and at CDL it’s not all about the Lake but also the countryside that surrounds us. Ryan and his friends jumped on their bikes and with Mr Morgan had a lovely ride across Versoix’s Forrest. Beautiful day for a ride deeply enjoyed by all before prepping for the exams