Mr Ricardo’s visit

A few months ago, Léman 2 boys decided to organize the ChariTEA event in order to raise funds for the Tomás Costa appeal. Tomás is the son of Mr Ricardo who used to work in Léman. Tomas was diagnosed with leukemia but thankfully he is responding very well to the treatments and he is in very good shape. Nevertheless we decided to help and raise funds to buy a machine which makes the treatments of many other boys like Tomas much simpler and comfortable. With the help of everybody in our big CDL family we have been able to buy two machines for this hospital and we helped making the life of these children a bit better.

Mr Ricardo came over today and personally thanked the people for their commitment and help.

Here are a couple of photos of him with Anuar, Johannes and Daniel, the mentors of our ChariTEA project.
We wish you and Tomas the best and you are always welcome for a visit 🙂

Self image and Self esteem

Our Pastoral Topic of the month is a very delicate one. In a way or another it affects us all. However this can be even more relevant in youngster looking for integration, acceptance and personal affirmation.

Again, thinking of parents and adults, we decided to share this document to give us some ideas for reflection and tools to deal with this type of “phenomenon”

Enjoy the reading

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At CDL we care about all the elements which interfere with the life of our students. One of these is the time spent in front of screens which can be considered as something worrying for some youngsters these days.

In order to supply us with some tools and elements of reflexion, CDL invited Mr Niels Weber for a Conference on this topic.

Despite being more dedicated to parents and educators this is something we all can be involved in. Please feel free to watch the Facebook feed of the conference which took place on Tuesday (by clicking on the link above)

Unexpected visit

Lucas is one of our dear children who shared a great school year with us. It is one of the best and most rewarding parts of our job when an “ex-son” comes to visit us. It fills you with joy and shows that they also miss us. It has been a very good surprise, thanks Lucas to pass by I wish you all the luck on your new challenge.