Basketball Tournament

Another tournament, another medal for Sihan. This guy is really a basketball star and he makes us proud each time he represents Boarding and CDL. Thank you Sihan for such competitive spirit… I am sure you will have many other successes.

Rome… the eternal city

Rodrigo and Anuar took part on this amazing trip to Rome. Fabulous visits of the Roman ruins, the Vatican, Piazza di Spagna and the highlight Italy vs France in Rugby in the Olympic Stadium for the 6 Nations Cup.

What else can you expect from a great week-end? 🙂

March pastoral topic: Peer Pressure

This month’s topic covered during the house assemblies is Peer Pressure.

One of the best ways to overcome peer pressure is to know how the things you are being pressured to do will affect your body and mind. Understanding these things makes it easier to say no. Knowledge is power.

Last Wednesday, we showed the boys a video that explained how drugs and alcohol can directly affect your brain, pausing the video during important moments to reinforce the information and have an open discussion.

We discussed how particularly harmful these substances can be to a developing mind and body, and the boys were interested in knowing more about the adverse affects of specific substances, which we will go over this coming Wednesday.