South Africa trip

During this Easter break, Alex and some other boarders took part on the South Africa trip.

Alex came back super happy and excited about the time he spent there and the things he has seen and done.

Other than the cities sightseeing there was time for some Charity work and of course a lot of outdoor activities in contact with nature in its wildest form.

Here are some photos of him

Watch out Football fans and players

CDL is proud to announce his partnership with italian supergiants Juventus FC for a football camp this summer.

Fancy training like professionals with the best methods and techniques, surrounded by qualified coaches? This is the best summer plan for you…

Check out for terms and conditions 😉

Welcome to Taichi

This is Taichi, our new student freshly arrived from Japan to be a part of our family for the final term of the year.

We welcome Taichi in our Léman 2 House with joy and we are sure he will have a great time with us.

Final term . Welcome back

Here we are again and now for a final stretch of two months until the end of the year.

It has been an intense and rich year so far. Many successes and many funny moments to remember. As we approach this final term we are looking forward more good moments but never forgetting the fast approaching end of year exams 🙂


Welcome back to all again.

Happy Christm… oups Easter !!!!

Yes, the photo is adequate since this was the setting we had in our wake-up in the morning. Nature surprised us again and reminded us that she is is control. Also, that we are in Switzerland and that weather changes in a snapshot.

But indeed Spring break is around the corner and we wish you all a great time. See you in a couple of weeks, hopefully for a sunnier weather 🙂

April Pastoral Topic


Stress is a strong element of our lives these days. It’s a natural reflex but can have a negative impact if it’s not controlled and directed the right way.

On yesterday’s assembly we discussed about strategies to manage stress and we put a lot of emphasis on two main points:

  • Planning ahead
  • Sports

Hopefully the tips discussed will be useful for the coming final term.