House Assembly… Wellbeing back in business

With the start of school, we have started our Boarding Programme and naturally our weekly House Assemblies.

The first one is always an important one ( they all are, but the first… is the first ) so we gathered some chocolate bars and sat down in our common room for a chat.

Among many other practicalities of our House and important notices… and after finishing the chocolate bars we entered our Wellbeing programme… (after the chocolate bars 🙂 )



Our first pillar is “Healthy bodies and minds” and for as evident and obvious this topic may be, there is always plenty to talk about, think of and apply for our personal balance.

These are the two take away points for this pillar. Each weekly topic for your house assemblies will relate to one of these:
1. How important is sleep?
2. How can we use our hobbies to de-stress?
We didn’t really get into much detail yet but we have discussed about the projects that the students can complete. An important message is that the Boarding Programme and the Extracurricular Dept provide the students with plenty of options for them to complete an individual or collective project and therefore enhance their wellbeing, take on-board healthy daily habits and lead by example thinking of the younger ones.
Some boys have already picked what they will want to achieve. Taichi and Kotaro are joining the Volleyball team from the school. They have been a part of it for years now and their game is an asset to the team, and source of pleasure and exercise for them. Mateus is super keen on football too and he is also trying to join the school team. Aryavir mentioned about keeping a sleeping diary and checking how his sleeping hours affect his promptness and punctuality in the morning.
Any tool, idea or project is a positive source of guidance and a valuable experience and we are happy to see that some boys are already onboard with the concept.
Next week, more details shall follow. Stay tuned.

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