Wellbeing Pillar 2 – Protecting against bullying and promoting diversity

We have formally introduced today, to the whole Boarding Community, the 2nd Pillar of our Wellbeing Programme.

As the title indicates we will be discussing about Bullying and how to protect us from it while we will work in promoting diversity not just here at CDL but also in our lives outside school, as a core value which is dear to us.

There is plenty of scope for discussions and debates but certainly there is no debate or discussion on the gravity of bullying. Yearly, thousands and thousands of people – young people – are victims of this phenomenon. Unfortunately, this is not just a matter of displaying a sense of discrimination towards someone. Unfortunately, the bullies sometimes go way too far in their unawareness and lack of tolerance. Bluntly speaking, thousands of people die because of bullying: either as a direct consequence, either because their self-esteem is so low that they end up ending their days themselves.

We can’t be indifferent to that. We are not.

The solution, is all in the hands of education. Promoting tolerance, diversity and respect are the key elements to this social therapy. The world needs it and we promote it as the source of better days.

Being open to diversity is being open to learn, to understand, to be flexible and receptive to perspectives. It is important and healthy to debate, to have different points of view and to deepen our reflection on who we are. But it is simply not acceptable to simply condone or discriminate just based on stereotypes.

As an international school, we pride ourselves in the sense of community we have. Realistically, there is so much more that links us than whatever differences we may have. So why focusing on the latter?



Our efforts in Community Service and Charity aim at bonding people and allowing them to see the world in the eyes of those in need of help. It allows us have a glimpse of a reality that it is quite often unknown to us, and with this, we can open our eyes to visions and feelings that we probable have never heard of.

CDL Boarding is working together, as a big family, and our projects in the coming weeks will focus in getting tighter together as a force aiming at uniting the world a little more.


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