Pillar 5: Making Safe and Responsible Choices


Key take-away point: Time inhow do you connect with inner world?

Self-awareness enables you to more objectively see what you are doing. It shows you why you think what you think and feel what you feel. It gives you a moment of pause in any situation, before you react. Without looking inside yourself and understanding your own patterns, no real change can happen, and you will continue to make the same mistakes.

Self-awareness is developed by reflection, meditation and honest self-examination.

Now, once you look inside yourself and you see the beliefs and emotional patterns that are not constructive, the habits that are non-empowering, what do you do?

Time in is the time we can take – one minute a day, ten minutes a day or throughout the day – to intentionally focus our attention on our inner world, which is composed of our thoughts, feelings, memories, beliefs, values, desires, instincts, intuition etc

Developing the habit of connecting regularly with your inner world will strengthen your self-awareness and help you to see, explore and develop your moral identity.


The ability to connect regularly with your moral identity will inevitably force to question yourself whether or not the choices you make are safe and responsible ones.


Will you commit to take one minute time in each day for a week?

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