BBQ in Léman 🍔🌭

The charcoal was lit, the meat was ready, a speaker with good music was playing, all that was missing were the guys from Léman to start our barbecue. And so it was, this Sunday we could enjoy this wonderful outdoor activity on the terrace of Léman.

Besides, this event coincided with another even more important one, Mr. Antonio’s birthday, we celebrated it as he deserves.

Thank you very much for your effort and dedication,

Your house that loves and admires you.


Volleyball tournament

Once again our Léman 2 boys and the rest of their team have enjoyed playing volleyball, this time they played a tournament at the Panthers house and got a second place, but most of all they had a great day as you can see in the picture.

Congratulations to all of them!!

“Second to none” Day

“Second to none” Day is a celebration in which all the members of Léman 2 get together and enjoy a day doing an activity, this time the chosen one has been paintball.

Before we started the nerves were high, paintball is an activity that requires the senses to work at 100%, once the teams were made and reviewed the safety rules we went into the different scenarios, each team developing their different strategies or just “save yourself if you can”.

We are not sure if there was a winning team, but what we can guarantee is that we had a good time, burnt adrenaline, and laughed in equal parts.

We look forward to the next “Second to None” Day.


La Gazzeta de Léman

With reference to the famous Italian newspaper “la gazzetta dello sport” we open our sports section, in which we will comment on Leman’s sporting achievements.

Today was the opening of the CDL Spring Boarding Cup, in which Léman 2 has three teams: Second to none 2, Los manitos and Léman Old Glories.

The debut did not had very favourable results, but both teams hope to win in the next match in order not to be eliminated.

But it has certainly been a nice day in which staff and boys have enjoyed the sport together.

We will bring you more news.

Fresh hibiscus tea from Senegal!

Fulfilling one of our favourite traditions, on every Wednesday we have an international dinner, today we have discovered the food of Senegal, among the most outstanding dishes for our students are the maffe, beef with rice and peanut oil, really tasty. And without a doubt what surprised us the most was the fresh hibiscus tea, super refreshing and sweet.

Vegetables to power!

We never get bored of discovering new dishes in the CDL dining room, this time with a couple of colourful vegetable dishes, full of nutrients and authentic flavour.

This time the dishes were tuna wrapped with vegetables and vegetable pie.

We also had a choice of pork, chicken, and beef: there is always a choice.


Léman 2 climbing up the walls!

Today’s objectives were clear: Have fun, overcome new challenges, and make Mr. Rodrigo happy by going climbing with him.

Three of us, Rakann, Taichi, and Kotaro have faced the difficult challenge of climbing, both bouldering and lead climbing. Leaving aside our fear of heights and trusting a lot, we have managed to reach the top, even though it has been hard.

Here you have a few pics so that you can see how much fun we had:


P.S: Mr. Rodrigo is very grateful that you have shared his passion for climbing with him and that you have enjoyed this healthy hobby.