Challenge for the Holidays

Please find a picture below, sent in to us by our very own Kotaro. He has learnt a new skill and has spent some of his time going fishing.

This is great and it has given us idea about a challenge we would like to set for our students for the holidays. We would like all of our students to take a picture of themselves and send it to us. The picture needs to show them spending their time in a positive way. Some ideas include; reading a book in their house or another interesting place, taking part in some sort of sport or exercise, learning a new skill. We look forward to seeing what they come back with.

Have a nice break.


Happy holidays – look after your wellbeing

Happy holidays everyone. Enjoy the break.

Please look after yourselves and your families. Stay safe, healthy and happy.

Please use this time to remember your wellbeing. It is important now more than ever. Please make sure that you get plenty of sleep and rest, that you eat well, you get air and exercise where possible and you spend plenty of time away from the screens. Here’s a challenge for you: Send a picture of yourself reading a book in your homes or somewhere else interesting.

Take care, hopefully see you all very soon.

Rob, Antonio and Tarun

Virtual learning experience – well done everybody

Before we go on a two week spring break, I would like to say well done to everybody for trying their best over the last few weeks as we have tackled our way through online learning.

It has been very challenging for us all to get used to this new routine, adapt our schedules around time differences and get our heads around this new way of learning.

We have all done very well and we all need to make sure we keep working hard during the holidays in order to keep on track and avoid falling behind on our academics.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Here are a few photos sent from students during the virtual learning expierience.

Stay Safe Topic – Cannabis

During this week’s well-being time, alongside our new ‘stay safe’ topics that we will be delivering to our students, we discussed the important topic of Cannabis use and its effects. First of all, it was important for us to discuss with the boys what they already knew about this topic?

We gathered their perceptions and feelings relating to the effects of Cannabis and went onto to separate the facts from the theories.

We have broken this particular topic into 4 main parts; mental health, brain development, addiction and ‘gateway drugs’.

This week, we explored the impact cannabis use has on our mental health. Please find some more information on the slides below.

The session was very interactive and we are thrilled with the knowledge, the maturity and interest the boys showed throughout the presentation.

The second and final ski weekend

This weekend saw the second, and final, mountain weekend of the year to Crans Montana. All of our boys had a brilliant time. They enjoyed skiing, snowboarding, trampolining, bowling, skating as well as an excursion to Sion to visit the escape room. Here are some photos. We hope to be able to share more in the coming days………